DIY: Rustic Mason Jar Wall Holder


When I moved into my new apartment a few months ago, I was inspired to start more DIY home decor projects. Mason jars have been all the rage lately, and I’ll admit I’m into the rustic vibes. One of my favorite things to do is walk around craft stores or a Target to get some crafting inspo (its actually really fun – I promise!). At every store I kept seeing these mason jar holders, but like everything that is trendy for the home, it was way pricier than what I was willing to pay.

I made my own version of this functional home decor based on this super helpful video tutorial from TheSorryGirls (a.k.a. one of my favorite DIY-ers on the internet! They are so creative and I love getting inspiration from them!).



  • 3 Mason Jars
  • 3 Hose Clamps // I got a 10-pack from Amazon (Size: 1/2 in width, 1 13/16 – 2 3/4 in diameter). Make sure to check the sizing! The first pack I bought was too small to wrap around the jars.
  • Ply wood piece // Home Depot has spare wood pieces for free! And you can choose the size you want, or have the employee there cut it to size for you. Love Home Depot.
  • 3 Hooks // I got mine from Amazon
  • 3 long screws // I used the screws that came with the hooks from Amazon
  • Wood Stain
  • Sawtooth Photo Frame Mounts
  • Hammer
  • Measuring tape or long ruler


IMG_2770Please excuse my scattered crafting station and my knees popping out in the photo.

Since the ply wood piece I grabbed from Home Depot was unstained and unfinished (I forgot to take a photo – whoops!), the first thing I did was sand down the sides and corners to smooth everything down. Next, I stained the wood by painting a on a few a coats of the dark wood stain. Note: I have never stained wood before so if there’s a more professional way to do it, please share with me!



Once the stain is dry, using the ruler or measuring tape, mark 3 evenly spaced points to note where the mason jars will be.


The hose clamps will wrap around the jar and attach to the wood piece. Adjust the width by loosening/tightening the screw on the side.


Place the hose clamp over the mark you made. Make sure the screw part of the clamp is facing out so that it can still be adjusted after it’s attached (see photo above). Place a sawtooth wall mount over the clamp to secure, then nail it in place. Once secured, repeat this for the remaining two mason jars.

Finally, screw the hooks onto the wood piece. This part is optional and you can place them wherever you’d like on the piece depending on the aesthetic you’re going for! I wanted the whole decor to be functional, so I screwed in 3 hooks, one under each jar.


Final Look

IMG_2812 2

IMG_2813 2



Figuring how to mount the whole piece took some trial and error. Because it was pretty heavy, I ended up attaching two triangle hooks to the back: one on each corner. Then, I looped wire around the triangles so that I can hang it from the wire (see first photo of this post).



Less-expensive hose clamp options: Since I bought a 10-pack of hose clamps, I was left with a bunch of hose clamps after this project that I have no use for (yet). I realized pretty soon after that you can buy individual hose clamps at Home Depot (HD coming thru again!!) for  $.98 each, which is a super DIY steal!

Other mounting ideas: A friend of mine had the idea that I could drill holes to the top corners and attach a thick rope to it. I loved this for many reasons: 1. I love using my drill, 2. It matches really well with a hanging shelf I made (post coming soon!), and 3. It really enhances the rustic look so much more.

This was one of my favorite DIY’s because of how accessible it was and how functional and versatile it can be! I can use it to hold pens and pencils, kitchen utensils, or as a plant holder. So many options!



DIY: Wire Grid Photo Organizer



I love this project because it was a SUPER easy DIY with easy-to-get hardware store materials, and all under $10! However I’d be lying if I said the process of making this was quick and easy. It took me a few different tries – including attempting to make the grid from scratch – before finding the right materials that actually made this project simple. SO to help you skip all that, let’s jump right to the quick and easy way.

I’ve always played around with different ways to hang my pictures, postcards, and little notes I kept from friends (most recently I’d been sticking with the clothes pins and string aesthetic). I’d recently rearranged my space and decided it was time for an upgrade in my wall decor as well. I wanted something that looked clean, could take up wall space without looking overcrowded, and easy to hang up photos. I’d seen wire grid wall organizers around the internet and even in stores like Urban Outfitters, and I really liked the messy-yet-organized/industrial vibes. Since the prices I saw for these wire grids hit around $40, I went into crafting mode. My first go at it didn’t go well when I tried to make it from scratch (see below). But, I was finally able to make it from a super affordable wire sheet from the hardware store! And by inexpensive I mean under $8. What. A. Steal.


  • Rebar Remesh Sheet //  I ordered mine from Home Depot for $7.36. They’re mesh sheets that are used to lay tiles so they are pretty large, usually 42in x 7ft. The squares are 6 in x 6 in, which I think are the perfect size for this project!
  • Bolt Cutters/heavy duty wire cutters // The metal on the mesh sheet is fairly thick, so I actually bought mini bolt-cutters from Amazon. The mini bolt cutters still required some arm strength, but it definitely did the job.
  • Cable clips + nails // I got a bag of 100 for $3.95 on Amazon \.


The mesh sheet will be very rusty, so I first wiped it down with a wet wash cloth. Once it’s cleaned, measure out the size you want your final grid to be, then cut it to size with bolt cutters or heavy-duty wire cutters. I made my final grid 7 x 7 squares.





Next, I used cable clips and long nails to hang the grid. I nailed in 3 at the top and 3 on the bottom of the grid to make sure it was secure. I used really small cable clips (6mm), and hindsight I’d recommend using a larger size because this will provide some space between the wall and the grid, which will help when clipping photos onto the grid.



And that’s it! To hang photos I used a variety of mini clothes pins and clips, but you can choose any sort of clip. Different ones will also have a slightly different aesthetic, so you can really customize it! I’ve also seen some other crafters spray paint the grid, so there’s lots of options to make it look the way you want! I liked the industrial look so I kept mine the way it was.






Making this from scratch: You can definitely make this wire from scratch if that’s more of your jam. Here is a great tutorial on how to. When I tried this, my frugal self wanted to stick with the cheapest dollar-store wire I could find, and I ended up with wire that wasn’t thick enough. The process of straightening each wire piece and then measuring out the grid also was taking forever. I think if I bought better quality/thicker wire, this method would have been more successful.

Cutting the grid: The mesh sheet was way larger than anticipated! If I were to do this again, I would have gotten the sheet cut to size at Home Depot before trying to transport it home (and scratching up my car interior in the process), and then exerting my arm strength trying to cut the wire myself.

Hanging the grid: Even though the size of the cable clips I used worked, I think using a larger size would have been more effective. It helps to have space in between the wall and the grid, and a larger size would be a sturdier support.

Overall, I’m super happy with how this turned out! I love using hardware store materials in a creative way, and I’m really into this industrial vibe.




Breakfast Smoothie of Champions

Peanut butter + banana. What a great combo. I was skeptical about it smoothie form because usually I like my smoothies fruity and refreshing, but this protein-filled has been growing on me! It’s filling and with the added coffee helps wake me up for the mornings. It’s my go-to for breakfast on-the-go and sometimes as a post-workout snack. Plus it’s got some protein good-ness from the peanut butter, oats, and bananas!

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Banana Bread!


Banana bread is one of those recipes that are great for using left over ingredients that you don’t know what to do with. Specifically I’m talking about bananas. I don’t know about anyone else, but my bananas always ripen at a quicker rate than I can eat them. Next thing I know I’m left with mushy brown bananas that I don’t want to eat (and probably shouldn’t). Then I found a solution to my problem: banana bread! This baked good requires SUPER ripe bananas (and I mean the brown-all-over kind of ripe), so I no longer feel like I’m wasting the bananas I buy them. This recipe really doesn’t require any crazy ingredients to make, and it doesn’t use butter so it’s basically healthy!

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