DIY: Head Wrap (No sew!)

DIY head wrap



Use an old T-Shirt into a cute head wrap with this easy DIY! And there’s no sewing required. This is a great way to put your old t-shirts to good use and save money. Plus, it only takes a few minutes to make!


– T-shirt (one you don’t mind cutting)

– Scissors

1. Layout your shirt on a flat surface and cut off a wide strip from the bottom (I first cut off the seem so the edges were the same). The wideness of your strip will depend on how wide you want your headband to be. Since I have a fairly small head, I cut my strip about 4 inches wide.

2. Once you have your strip, pull on each end to stretch out the fabric (the edge of your strip will start to curl as you stretch it). And that’s it! You have the base of your head wrap. Now all you need to do is twist it into a headband:

Oct 4, 2014

There you have it – your very own head wrap! I ended up making a few for myself since I had a couple old shirts lying around with funky patterns. I love wearing these with dresses for a boho look, or on lazy days when I don’t want to deal with my hair (which, let’s be honest, is everyday).



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