5 Simple Ways to Upcycle Old Shirts

Old T shirts are one of my favorite crafting materials. I love finding new ways to reuse them! Why throw them away when you can turn them into something new? They are super versatile and easy to work with. If you’re new to repurposing tees, here are some ideas of easy ways you can upcycle those old shirts.

*Note: The images in this post are a combination of my own projects and some I found online that I liked. Sources are included if they came from another crafter 🙂

1. T-shirt quilt


The hard work is totally worth it! I would highly recommend a sowing machine though…

2. No-sew tote bag


Add a new tote to your purse collection with your old shirts (via The Pink Doormat)! This is a really cool no-sew method for those of us who prefer to not use needles.

3. Head Wrap


Head wraps are a great addition to everyday outfits! See my DIY post for how to make this.

4. Scarf


This is hands down my favorite scarf to wear and it cost me nothing! I wear it in warm and cold weathers and it goes great with almost anything. Old shirts are a super easy way to make a circle scarf – Simply cut off the bottom of a shirt and there you have it. You can also use old skirts/dresses. I found lighter fabrics work best and look the cleanest.

5. Wrap Bracelet

Screen shot 2015-02-14 at 5.30.20 PM

(Via Hello Natural)


(Via Saved by Love Creations)

There are so many styles of bracelets you can make with shirts! Shirts are one of my favorite materials for making bracelets. Not only does it save you money on string, but it also give the jewelry a cool style and unique look. You can really show off your own style and creativity with these pieces.



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