Rearranging my living room!

For the past 4 (almost 5) years since I moved into my little condo, all the furniture has been in the same spot. Even after new shelves were bought, older furniture was sold, and roommates moved out taking their furniture with them, nothing that stayed in the house was ever moved. The result? Things were just kind of…there.

Recently, there have been a lot changes happening around me – roommate moving out, friends graduating from college, new hires at work – and I decided that maybe it’s time I made a change too. So, after waking up with a rush of motivation and a mind full of “fresh start” quotes, I feng shui-ed up my pad. It wasn’t until I was staring at my completed new living room, mentally patting myself on the back, that I realized I forgot to take a before picture…AGAIN! I seriously need to stick post-it notes around my house to remind me or something. Anyway, just trust me that this newly arranged room is WAY better looking and organized than before. It finally has that home-y feel that’s been missing!



11050257_10207049694260196_7012198473227444579_n(Please ignore the giant hole in the back of that couch, courtesy of my sister’s socially awkward cat. As you can see, I strategically placed small tables so they covered the rips in the couch. I mean, you can’t even tell, am I right??)



My soundtrack for this project: Glowing Eyes by Twenty One Pilots


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