My DIY Mother’s Day gift

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful, amazing Moms out there! I’m currently blogging from the parental’s house, taking advantage of the spacious kitchen countertop of theirs. Since Dad is cooking dinner I’ll be in charge of dessert (which is still TBD, but I’ve been needing to find a way to use the rest of the heavy cream in my fridge. Google, here I come!).

This year for Mother’s Day, I gave my Mom a decorated vase and a handmade card:


The vase is great because it is not only a quick and inexpensive DIY, but it is also something Mom can use. I listed below the materials I used for both the vase and card:

Materials for the vase:
Empty Starbucks Frappuccino Bottle (You can also just buy a milk bottle jar from Michael’s if you’re not a coffee drinker)
Puffy paint

*Tips on getting the label off the bottle: Trust me, I know the struggle of getting the sticky goo of bottles! What I found works really well is non-stick cooking spray. Spray a bit right on the goo residue, leave it on for a minute, then wipe off under warm water. Cooking spray is seriously amazing for this!!

To decorate the vase, I dotted the puffer paint onto the bottle, dotting closer together at the bottom then farther apart I went up the bottle to give it a floating effect. I altered between white colored paint and a glitter purple.

Materials for the card:
Brown card stock paper
(I bought this in a stack at Michael’s)
Scrapbooking paper and buttons for the flower
Patterned duct tape for the border
 for the writing

Of course, you can use other crafting material you have around the house, but these are just the materials I used. Happy Mother’s Day!!

Xx Carissa


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