New city, fresh start

I’m back! And Toto, we’re not in Kansas Arizona anymore. I’m currently blogging from a coffee shop literally 2 minutes from my new apartment in Austin. The decor is hipster-meets-rustic and the vibe is Earthy and…. eclectic? I can’t pin point it yet, but I like it. Coming back to the blogging game, I decided to start adding more personal blogging into the mix. Writing and reflecting have always played a big role in sparking my creativity, so it only makes sense to throw it in alongside my DIY’s and love for baking. So without further ado…

I did it! I moved to a brand new city. Now, I know this might not sound like that big of deal – people move all the time. To me though, this is a really big mile stone. Since I graduated a little over a year ago and did my big Europe travel adventure, I’ve been wanting – no NEEDING – to move out of the state I’ve lived in basically my whole life. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a deep love for AZ, but I’ve been ready to explore a new place and have new experiences elsewhere. It can be tough when you’re feeling unfulfilled, especially when your everyone is posting about their successes on social media. I won’t go into the deep, emotional details, but I was basically feeling stuck in a rut and going through what I like to call a quarter-life crisis (what am I supposed to be doing now that I’m not in school? What do I want to be doing? How can I help make a difference in the world? How do I start doing what I love? WHO AM I?). So, I spent good deal of time (longer than I’d like to admit) apartment searching online, found a random roommate on craigslist, and left to a brand new city I had only been to once prior. Other than my roommate who I’d never met in person, I would only know one other in Austin (eek). This is also the furthest away I’ve ever been from my family. I like to think I’m an independent person, so moving away was never a scary thought to me. In fact, I was anxious to get the hell out. But now that I’m here, I can see how noticeably strange it is not having my parents close by and not knowing anyone. People keep saying how brave it was and that they could never do something so abrupt like that. But I keep thinking, why not? I have the freedom to go anywhere right now, no boyfriend (#foreversingle), no kids, just me and my cat. To me, it was less scary and more exciting. After all, how can you grow as a person if you don’t get out of your comfort zone?

The move was the first big step in me re-igniting my sense of adventure and love of life, and it’s been a long time coming. While I 100% believe that we are in control of our own lives and that our happens is dependent on ourselves, I’ve come to learn that my environment also affects me greatly. I don’t expect that things I was struggling with back in AZ will disappear because I moved, but I am hoping that being in a more creative place might help inspire me in some way. Change is a good thing and can be a motivational tool as well. One thing I know for sure about moving here is that I have a LOT of ideas for decorating my new place, which means more DIY projects to come!

IMG_4964(taken at Graffiti Park)




4 thoughts on “New city, fresh start

      1. Indeed. New places and new experiences…no doubt you will change and grow and learn. It’s awesome that you are doing this. I know quite a few people that have never left their town. And I’m talking never leaving their city! I can’t imagine that. I say good for you! ❀


        1. YES that’s so true!! It’s so easy to fall into being “comfortable”. I think its so important to go out of your comfort zone, in whichever way that may be, especially if you are feeling unfulfilled.

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