Sometimes A Haircut Is Just A Haircut

Hair has been chopped! I’ve been rocking a newly cut bob for a few days now and I’m really enjoying the healthy, bouncy feel of short hair again. My hair has been in need of a trim, and I wanted to try out a wavy bob à la Kaley Cuoco/Julianne Hough (during their lob phases). I was happy to see that some of my dyed hair could be saved! I love having colored hair, but man is it expensive to maintain. My hair is naturally stick straight so I like having a little texture in there for a more messy look.



I’m still experimenting with different styles and trying to get creative with ways to wear my hair for yoga – especially since I can’t do my go-to top bun anymore #RIPbunlife.

I could go into a whole spiel about making a change and how chopping my hair is somehow symbolic for cutting away the past and starting fresh, but sometimes a haircut is just a haircut. You just do you, whether its long or short hair.



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