DIY Photo Globe Ornament

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The majority of the Christmas ornaments at my parents’ house are ones made by my sister and I over the years. I love that it makes the tree like a visual time capsule! Ornaments are always really fun to make and to gift to others. It’s something that can be really creative and personal, and you know it will be used every year. This year I made a picture ornament for my parents (who hopefully don’t see this post before Christmas). I’ve seen these photo globe ornaments in stores and photo centers, and it looked like a great project to make as a personalized gift! (Also I apologize ahead of the time for the low-def photos; I was crafting at night so the lighting wasn’t great with my iphone.)

For materials, I used a clear orb ornament that could detach in half. These are great for making your own ornaments because it makes it easy to decorate the inside and are really cheap at Michael’s! I only used one half of the sphere for this project.


Next you’ll need a photo, fake snow, pipe cleaners, decorative ribbon, hot glue, scissors, and thick paper (for added layer behind the photo – I just used the envelope that my developed photo came in).

To start I used the globe to measure out a circle on the photo and the paper, then cut them out. The photo will be glued onto the paper, which will be attached to the back of the half-sphere, so make sure the size of the circles are a tiny bit larger the the circumference of the ornament.



Once the circles have been cut and glued together, it’s time to fill in the half sphere with fake snow! This is where you can get more creative with the ornament. I sprinkled in some blue glitter, but you can also festive confetti or mini snowflakes to add some texture. Next, carefully secure the sphere onto the photo circle with hot glue. I found it easiest to put a line of glue around the edge of the globe, then press the photo face-side-down onto it. That way the fake snow mix stays in.


Next, hot glue a pipe cleaner around the edge of the ornament to make sure it is secure and to make the edge look cleaner.


For the finishing touches, I added a bow with festive ribbon making sure it was long enough to be able to hang the ornament. I really liked how the final touch turned out! Looking back I would have added more fake snow and some little snowflakes for more flare, and maybe even looked around for glitter snowflake stickers to stick on the outside of the globe. Let’s hope my parents like it also! I’m looking forward to adding to our time capsule tree of ornaments.






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