X-mas gift recap: my handmade gifts!


Okay, I know Christmas has passed, but due to all the hectic-ness of the holidays (and possibly my own procrastination), I didn’t get a chance to share all my holiday DIY gifts. So, I thought I’d do a quick gift recap! I love handmaking gifts because they are unique, usually less expensive, and are just fun to do (especially while Christmas movie-marathoning). 


I made this cat ornament for a friend of mine who, like myself, loves cats. It turned out more Hello Kitty-ish than I expected, but I love how cute it looks! I used a clear ornament, filled it with gold glitter and fake snow and used a white pipe cleaner for the ears. The hat was unexpectedly the tricky part but I’m happy with how it turned out! I wrapped felt into a cone shape and topped off the pointy end with a mini pom pom ball. The eyes and nose are black button stickers. The little guy is so cute I may have to make one for myself for next year!


If you can’t tell, I am a cat person and apparently also surround myself with cat lovers. I made this shirt for my sister, and I’m so glad it fit her! I bought a plain gray long-sleeve tee from a discount store and then painted on the design with white fabric paint. I wish I could take credit for this caterrific design, but the idea was inspired by a sweater I stumbled upon on eBay. I also might need to make one of these for myself…


This gift was also for my sister. I initially meant for it to be a candle holder, but I decided to leave it as a container for my sister to use however she likes (also, sticks being stuck next to flame is probably not a great idea). She likes to plant indoor flowers, so I thought she could use it for a pot or just a pencil holder. I love the Earthy look! I actually spent an embarrassing amount of time stick gathering and scouting the ground for the right stick sizes – I’m sure all my neighbors will want to be my friend if they didn’t already. Anyway, I sanded down the sticks with scissors and then hot glued them around an empty can (mine was from a 15 oz can that previously stored beans). I used hemp string  for the finishing touches!


This last gift I made for both my aunt and uncle and a friend. This is probably one of my favorite Christmas-themed gifts to make! I love snowglobes and any sort of crafts with jars. The materials are also easy to find and inexpensive. The mini trees are always around during the holiday season at Wal-Mart for about $.75. I usually use an empty spaghetti sauce jar that I had saved, but since I didn’t have any in stock I just bought a mason jar from Michael’s. I filled the jar with a little bit of fake snow, hot glued the tree the jar cap, then used a ribbon to tie it all together (I had to throw that in).

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