DIY Tree Jewelry Stand

tree stand

I don’t usually wear a lot of jewelry, but somehow I have accumulated enough that I needed a way to organize all my stuff in a way that was better than a ceramic bowl (things get tangled in there, chains get knotted – it gets crazy). Jewelry stands are also great because they can double as a cute decorative piece for your room in addition to organizing your jewelry life. After shopping around for longer than probably necessary, I finally came across a tree-shaped jewelry holder that caught my eye. However, I realized I wasn’t willing to spend the money on it (I’m stingy and I know it), and was inspired to try DIY-ing a jewelry stand.

I love the way it turned out! It’s Earthy, adds to the look of my room, and holds my jewelry perfectly. It was super fun to make too, and I didn’t have to buy any materials! It got me outdoors and to be one with nature while I scouted for supplies.


  • Small branches/sticks (look for ones that have multiple branches sticking out – It will make the overall look more interesting and will have more room to hold jewelry pieces)
  • Pebbles (optional, but this helped keep all my branches in place so they didn’t move around)  
  • Small Jar (I used one of those Starbucks coffee bottles, but you can also buy small milk bottles at a craft store or Target) 

Once I gathered my sticks, I spray painted them gold so it looked cleaner. I spent some time arranging the sticks in the jar until they were strategically positioned to look aesthetically nice and hold all my jewelry.






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