DIY Galaxy (Shoes and Phone Case)


I’ve been really into galaxy prints lately (who isn’t?) so this is probably one of my favorite DIY’s right now. Quick warning: this DIY is addicting! Once you get the hang of how to make this print, you’ll probably have the urge to galaxy everything you own (believe me, I know from personal experience).

Before giving this a try I did a little Pinterest research and found that there are lots different ways to do a galaxy print. This is just what I found worked best based on trial and error, and the kind of galaxy look that resonated with me. For inspiration, I recommend doing a quick google search of different galaxies so you have an idea of the colors you like and the overall look you want to achieve.

Remember to be patient!
It kind of takes a few tries to get the right blend of colors – it took me a couple tries before I finally achieved the galaxy look I wanted.


The first one didn’t have the colors I wanted, and the second one had a little too much color and bright spots. Once I got the technique down it was smooth sailing, and I love how it turned out!


It was kind of therapeutic blotting on the colors and blending. I used the same technique for the phone case and the shoes so I’ll just be showing how I did my old converse.

What You’ll Need

Sponge brushes (I used these)

Regular paint brush or toothbrush

Acrylic paint in various colors
(*See below for the exact colors I used)

For the shoes

Black sneakers

Tape (painter’s tape or just scotch tape)

For the phone case

Black paper

Clear phone case

Make sure you have a wide space to work on and some scrap paper to protect your crafting surface since the paint can get a little messy (especially when it gets to sprinkling on the stars of the galaxy).


Choosing the colors

If you google “Galaxy”, you’ll find that there a plethora of colors that can be in a galaxy from yellows to pinks, to blues. While you definitely need white and black paint, the other colors. The idea is to figure out what colors you like most and go from there. I like cooler colors more than warm colors and I hate the color pink, so I went with purples and blues.

When choosing colors think a dark shade, a light shade, and an accent. These are the colors I used:

Basics: white, black
Dark shades: navy blue, dark purple/plum
Light shades: light blue, light purple
Accent: Aqua

The Shoes

Step 1: Tape the bottom white part of the sneakers to protect the areas from getting accidentally painted on. Blue painter tape would probably have worked better, but I only had scotch tape in the house which worked out okay.


Don’t forget to also tape up the converse logo on the side (if you’re using converse)!

Step 2: Get your paint on! First start with the darker colors (in my case the navy and dark purple). Blot the darker colors around the edges of the shoe in large sections. This will be a base for where the blues and purples will be.


Make sure to leave some areas unpainted so there’s some contrast between the black space and galaxies.

Step 3: Add in the lighter shades.
Next, take the lighter shades of each color (light purple and light blue) and blot it over the the center of the darker colors.

Make sure to blend all the colors together to give that soft cloudy feel. You can also add some extra cloud blots wherever you’d like. The fun part about this DIY is free-handing it and just putting the colors where you like!

Step 4: Sprinkle on the stars.
To do the stars, take either a toothbrush or a brush with thick bristles. Dip the brush in white paint, then lightly use your finger to flick the bristles over the shoe. This will splatter little dots all over, which will be the stars of your galaxy.

I then used a tiny brush to add in larger dots on areas that needed more stars. If you make a mistake while splattering on the stars, no worries! You can always go back in with the black paint and paint over your mistakes until you get the galaxy you like.


The Phone Case

For the phone case, take a sheet of black paper and trace the outline of your phone on the sheet. Cut out the sheet in the shape of your phone. It might take ] a few tries of cutting the edges until you have the right shape that will fit into the clear phone case. Next, draw the outline of the camera hole and cut that out.


Use the same method as before to create that galaxy print on the black phone case sheet, and you’ve got yourself a sweet new phone case (and matching converse!).

The basic idea behind painting the galaxy print is to start with the darker colors in large areas, and then sponging on the lighter colors on top.

The key to the galaxy look is to blend the colors to create that foggy, whispy look of gas in space. Even if you accidentally drop more color somewhere, as long as you blend it’ll still work and look cool! Lightly blotting on the colors also helps create the blended look.



I loved how my new shoes and phone case turned out! I might have to try this on some more things. Good luck galaxy-ing!




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