DIY Graphic Tees


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This past weekend I decided it was time I expanded my closet…and why buy more clothes when I can just revamp some old tees I have?  Using fabric paint to make your own shirt is a really fun way to get creative, personalize, and also save money! I’ll admit it took way longer to make than I thought (measured by the amount of Nikita episodes I got through on Netflix), but it was worth it! I honestly think the cactus tee is my new favorite casual top in my wardrobe.

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Well, hello!

It’s me.

And I’m back! While I haven’t been California-dreaming like Adele, I have been slacking majorly on my blogging game for quite a while. And by “quite a while” I mean my last post was in…March? Eek. Well, after my few-months hiatus (which I have no legitimate excuse for) I’ve finally found my way back to my blog.

I know a lot of bloggers follow a schedule and post at least once a week, but being the rebel that I am I thought Screw schedules! Don’t tell me what to do! and decided I would just post whenever I felt the blogging urge. That was actually okay for while, but then other things like work and life come up as they do, and the blogging urge got cast aside by everything else. Which brings me to what I’ve been thinking a lot about recently: balance.

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DIY Tree Jewelry Stand

tree stand

I don’t usually wear a lot of jewelry, but somehow I have accumulated enough that I needed a way to organize all my stuff in a way that was better than a ceramic bowl (things get tangled in there, chains get knotted – it gets crazy). Jewelry stands are also great because they can double as a cute decorative piece for your room in addition to organizing your jewelry life. After shopping around for longer than probably necessary, I finally came across a tree-shaped jewelry holder that caught my eye. However, I realized I wasn’t willing to spend the money on it (I’m stingy and I know it), and was inspired to try DIY-ing a jewelry stand. Continue reading “DIY Tree Jewelry Stand”

My Yoga Teacher Training Experience

I am officially a certified yoga instructor (woohoo!). I’m still torn between wanting to let out tears of joy and wanting to shed tears of sadness. It’s a combination of feeling invigorated, relieved,  scared, sad, and accomplished all at the same time. It’s like graduating from school; There’s a bittersweet feeling when something you’ve invested time and energy into comes to an end.

I apologize ahead of time about this post because it will probably be a mix of jumbled thoughts and rambling. I’ve been wanting to blog about yoga teacher training since day one, so there’s a lot on my mind! I feel like now that I completed training I can finally reflect on everything and share what I took away from the whole experience. Continue reading “My Yoga Teacher Training Experience”